Visual Artist, graduated from Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts

I work with sculpture, painting, collage and graphic prints. In terms of genre, my artistic expression lies somewhere between abstraction and figuration.

There is great diversity in the choice of techniques and formats that I use in my artistic process. The boundaries of the material are explored and challenge the artistic expression in my experimental work with the materials, – everything from bronze, canvas, cardboard, paper, textiles, plastic, fishing nets, coffee bags, wood to etching of aluminum. – I experiment with the traditional categories of works. I mix and new forms of artistic expression arise.

The works are about identity, about the many inputs and memories that become our benchmarks and that help define us as human beings. The focal point of my work is my own identity and my own life. Born in the countryside just behind the dike facing the Baltic Sea, far from the beaten track, forever on my way to new challenges in a changeable world.

I graduated June 2020 from Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts

Member of Artist Groups and Communities

2022: Admitted to the Artist Database, Guldborgsund Billedkunstråd:

2020: Co-Founder of the Artist- and Workshop Community Kubus Alba, Aarhus, DK.

2020: Member of the Network Kulturstrømmen, Kulturregion Storstrøm, DK.

2020: Member of UKK – Organization for Artists, Curators and Art Brokers, DK.

Upcoming Projects

2024: Galleri Voss & Keller i Nyk. F, DK

2025: Galleri Bredgade22 CPH K, DK

Censored Exhibitions

2020: KunstPunkt in Augustenborg, Denmark

2020: “Viruses dont kill art”, The Collector´s Gallery, Calgary in Canada


2020: Spring Exhibition: Galleri 46, Sydjysk Kunstforening in Holsted, Denmark

2020: ”Det gode naboskab”, Special Exhibition, Kunstnerhuset in Skærbæk, Denmark

2020: KunstPunkt Open in Augustenborg, Denmark

2019: Roskilde Open

2019: Art Association Køge Bugt, Denmark

2019 “Tingenes og teknologiens magi” – Filosoffen – a modern cultural center showing art in Odense,


2019: Mississippi in Thyholm; Denmark

Other Exhibitions:

2022: “In Between”, Gallery Bredgade 22, CPH K – together with Lotte Kejser

2021: December Exhibition at Kubus Alba – together with local artists from Aarhus, Denmark

2021: “Tomrum”, Kubus Alba Exhibition at Ovartaci Fields Museum, Aarhus, Denmark

2021: “Værn”, Opening exhibition at Kubus Alba, Aarhus, Denmark

2021 “Force Of Nature, Skagen Odde Naturcenter, Denmark

2021: “ Overflade”, Group Exhibition – invited by Mississippi in Thyholm, Denmark

2020: KUNST&CO in Flensburg, Germany. Graduation Exhibition from Aarhus Academy of Fine arts

2020: “20 x 20”, German-Danish exhibition in Süderfahrenstedt, Germany

2020: Huset i Asnæs, Denmark. Graduation Exhibition from Aarhus Academy of Fine arts

2020: My Viral Graduation Exhibition:

2019: LensCulture competition: Black & White Photography Awards 2019

2019: Academy Exhibition: Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark

2019: Solo exhibition: Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark

2019: Solo exhibition: Medical center in Egå, Denmark

2018: Academy Exhibition: Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark

2018: GENDERhouse Grand Finale Festival in Aarhus, Denmark

2017: Academy Exhibition: Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark